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Arc jets blown by outgassing polymers in air
Marley Becerra  1, 2, *@  , Andreas Friberg  1@  
1 : ABB Corporate Research
Forskargränd 7, 722 26, Västerås -  Sweden
2 : Royal Institute of Technology  (KTH)
Teknikringen 33, 100 44, Stockholm -  Sweden
* : Corresponding author

This paper describes experimental results about the behaviour of arc jets transversely blown in the presence of outgassing polymers (POM –CH2O– or PMMA –C5H8O2–). The arc jets are ignited in air between copper electrodes under a 2 kA, 50 Hz AC current. High speed photography and optical emission spectroscopy are used to study the mechanism leading to the increase of the arc voltage when polymers are used instead of non-ablating materials (e.g. quartz). It is found that the transversal blowing flow caused by the injection of ablation vapours have a weak effect on the arc voltage build-up. Instead, the chemical changes in the plasma environment appear to better explain the observed increase in the arc voltage when polymers are used. 

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